Ethnogenics is a vitamin enriched hair care range of products for enhanced moisture, nourishment, protection and regrowth. The brand is coupled with personal experience lessons, expert knowledge & good hair care practices support.

“Three years ago, I experienced the trauma of hair loss. I knew the moment it happened that it was something that I needed to be open about. I was overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support…but what took me totally by surprise was the flood of women crying out for help, answers and support. What seemed to be a personal, individual experience turned out to be a widespread struggle. I suddenly realised that this was bigger than me…and I wanted to be part of the solution.”

“Ethnogenics is MORE-THAN-JUST PRODUCTS, but a hair care platform that seeks to enable better control over the “struggle” through a combination of high quality, vitamin enriched products, coupled with knowledge, education and good hair care practices and routines. My hair journey has taken me from trauma to developing a new hair care range…for SMART HAIR CARE.”

Ethnogenics delivers a wide range of lab tested, highly innovative natural hair formulations infused with Biotin, Shea Butter and other natural ingredients. Ethnogenics is powerful enough to stimulate hair growth and treat more chronic conditions like alopecia, while being gentle enough for everyday use. 

Ethnogenics encourages the importance of good hair practices that prevent long term damage whilst embracing the natural authentic you, responsibly. 

Finally a range that cares as much for your hair as you do.  

Welcome to the awakening. Welcome to a new era in natural haircare.